Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend at Grammy and Bocky's

Allie, Caitlin and I went to Grammy and Bocky's (my parents) this weekend. Each of us gets spoiled in her own way--Allie gets to do (and eat) whatever she wants, Caitlin gets held most of the time, and I get to sleep and work on the computer. Grammy made Allie a blue Cinderella dress. Allie was so excited! She also bought her some "glass" slippers. They're a little big and give her blisters, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for fashion!


Angela said...

I emailed and thought I was leaving a post on the blog. I'm new to this blog thing obviously.

Great site, Stace.

I'm happy to hear the girls are doing so well and that the season has started so well for Chad.

I can't really believe yet that you are gone. We all miss you very much.

Fran Wu said...

Stace - GREAT idea, love it! Esp. since (as you say) you are the worst message returner. Thanks for sharing - you have some gorgeous girlies! Chad's going to need a lobotomy in about 10 years or so. I'll check back regularly for updates. Hope to see you over the holidays if we're out in Cali!