Saturday, March 8, 2008

My mom found some black boots for Allie for Christmas. They were her favorite present by far--they even outweighed the jeep we got her. For some strange reason she thinks that she should only be wearing her underwear and princess jewelry with them. (My mom keeps asking what we're watching on TV, but we keep telling her nothing like that!) She added the Mr. Potatohead Lips and her princess purse, but this is basically "the" outfit. It's even better when we put music on and she starts dancing. It's definitley a sight to see!
These were taken over Thanksgiving at my parents' house. Uncle Stevie brought their quads and took Allie around the block. She was in heaven! The picture below is of her waiting for Steve and the boys to return from a ride.

Allie drawing and Kate watching patiently.
Here's a picture of Laci and Allie playing dress up on Chad and Neil's birthday at my parents' house. Laci (Neil and Amanda's daughter) and Allie were born 12 days apart and look SO much like each other, especially in person.
Kate was home with a double ear infection and Allie was at school, so she was into all of Allie's stuff. She's wearing Allie's ruby shoes, but she didn't want to put her own shoes down so she carried them around the house.

This is Becky, Kate's main caretaker at school. Kate hadn't seen her in a few days and was so excited to see her. She snuggled into her shoulder and was as happy as ever.

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