Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Week

We brought in a ladder to check if we have speakers installed in the ceiling or if it's just "speaker-ready." (Unfortunately, it looks like we need to buy speakers.) The girls just had to get on the ladder. Of course Grammy was having a heart attack, but we had fun.

Allie was watching a DVD on her portable player and Kate decided to lounge on her while she drank her bottle. This picture was taken at Grammy and Bocky's. Every once in awhile Kate lounges on her like this. She just wants to be next to her. It's really cute, and Allie will actually let her do it for awhile.

Allie was trying to hug Kate, but she obviously wasn't very happy about it!
The Easter Bunny hopped on over and brought Allie and Kate a lot of yummy, fun things. But the bubbles that "that rabbit," as Allie calls him, brought her didn't work. Luckily Grammy found the bubble gun that "that rabbit," for some strange reason, left in the closet. Both girls had a blast. Kate was so upset that she couldn't catch the bubbles though. And Allie wouldn't share the bubble gun. Sadly the bubbles ran out, and we had to put everything away before any hair was pulled.

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